Because of the sheer size of the garden we are restoring, all 1.6 acres of it, we are very focused on saving money where we can. Many of the plants that are now happily thriving in our freshly turned borders started out as cuttings from our previous garden. I also collected hundreds of seeds and … Continue reading PLANT POWER


Life is all about balance and I'm a great believer in the 80/20 rule when it comes to food; eat like an angel 80% of the time but allow yourself the scope to go off the rails for the remaining 20% of the time. ┬áIn our house we try to behave ourselves on the weekdays … Continue reading SUPER MOIST GLUTEN FREE BANANA BREAD

PERCY CANE (1881-1976)

Percy Cane was an English garden designer and writer, born and educated in Essex, studying both horticulture and architecture. This combined knowledge no doubt explains his style of garden design which incorporates a great deal of architectural hard landscaping alongside rose gardens and sweeping flower beds. He had a long and distinguished career and frequently … Continue reading PERCY CANE (1881-1976)