Moving house in the middle of winter is not the easiest thing to do, especially when every square inch of both the house and the garden are screaming out for attention in some shape or form. It was hard for us all, and there were a few times in those first couple of months where I wondered if we had perhaps made a very big mistake. But the wonderful thing about having taken on such a mammoth project is that we were all so busy that December quickly turned into January and before we knew it Spring was knocking on our door.   And once our days were tinged with just a hint of warmth suddenly it all started to make sense. They don’t call this the Sunshine Coast for nothing.IMG_2089

While most of the country seems to have been cursed with torrential downpours, or at best overcast days, here on the coast in East Anglia the sun has been an almost permanent fixture. After a few weeks of thinking they were on holiday, our dogs soon settled into life on the coast and every morning starts with a walk on the beach. It really is the most special time of day with sand martins and swallows swooping over our heads, there is little else to disturb the mesmerizing sounds of the waves gently lapping on the shore.IMG_2165

It is little wonder that us Brits have a longstanding love affair with the coast. There is something almost pagan about our summer rituals of packing up the car with chairs, buckets, spades, windbreaks and the obligatory picnic hamper rammed full of sandwiches which will later be sporting that little extra crunch, thanks to a sprinkling of sand. And at the end of the day, everyone goes home just a bit happier, more relaxed and a little less worried about their lot. And that is the magic of being beside the seaside. It’s good for your soul, plain and simple.IMG_1977

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