I am excitedly typing this up on my dinky little iPhone using Notes. A quick copy and paste and my excitement will be shared with all my wonderful sober siblings. You’ve no doubt guessed what has me smiling from ear-to-ear. The title gives it away somewhat.

We are cruising at 30,000 feet somewhere over Portugal and, for the first time in my adult life, I am flying completely booze free! Oh boy, I am mentally throwing myself in the air and high-fiving with abandon. Take that, Wine Witch! The reality is somewhat more subdued, but that’s me all over; wannabe extrovert concealing the introvert. Isn’t that true of most of us who have been grappled to the floor by the Wine Witch?

Hubbie is sitting beside me and, in his own words, is flying sober for the first time. At one point, his fear of flying was so great it almost put paid to him ever exploring the wonders our beautiful planet has to share. He has a tendency to set free his internal drama queen at times, so the fact that he has taken to the skies with relative grace is a huge accolade to the wonderful gentleman that he is now transforming into.

But I have questions I need answered. We are travelling Club Europe. It’s pretty much the same as regular class but the middle of the three seats has a clip on table in place of a body, oh and the food and drinks are ‘complementary’. That always makes me laugh – the seats probably cost 50% more but the world’s smallest Full English is free of charge. Ha! Included in our ‘complementary’ drinks are bubbles. Lots of them from what I can gather. I’ve seen more bottles of fizz being escorted up and down the aisle than any other beverage. Almost every one of my fellow travellers has a lively glass of trouble nestled in their cup holder (and it’s proper glass rather than plastic in Club Europe – cheers!).

Rather than any of this making me feel uncomfortable I am getting some perverse satisfaction out of observing the habits of my former booze buddies. The gluggers versus the sippers. Those who will patiently await a top up, versus those who ask for a refill with gusto. Is my behaviour strange for someone who is still toddling into the world of sobriety and hasn’t even got their wings yet? They are awarded at Day 100, right? Is it rude to even be showing this level of voyeuristic interest in drinkers? I am not spying with any kind of judgement, nor have I adopted any semblance of superior sobriety snobbery. I’m just intrigued. The old me would have been too consumed with her own bubbles to have shown any interest in anyone else. The irony of ‘complementary’ drinks would have washed over me as I would have been too excited by the prospect of bottomless bubbles.

I’m enjoying this new David Attenborough type of quietly observing the human replenishing their fluids at a watering hole. Who cares if it’s right or wrong, I’m too busy having my own private sober party to dwell on that for too long.


With love.

Wendy x

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