We are all guilty of this, I see it every single day; being convinced that we can reinvent ourselves and become slimmer/fitter/happier/healthier/more successful (delete as appropriate) overnight. And wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could?! But it isn’t that simple and that quick fix mindset is exactly what sets us up to fail.

How do I know this? Because it has taken me just shy of 10 years to become a better version of myself, the person I want to be. And I still consider myself to be Work in Progress.

Take a piece of paper and create a picture of the person you want to be. You could literally sketch the life you want or perhaps you may feel more comfortable using the spider diagram concept. Whatever works for you. Use bright pens and highlighters to emphasise the various areas of your life that you need to focus on enhancing or changing.

Now take a good, long look at that picture, diagram or list of words. What are the easiest aspects for you to change? The ones where you can get a quick fix. And which ones require a little more effort and commitment?

When you’ve established the quick hits versus the long-term projects, give some thought to how you would like to prioritise your goals.

Perhaps now you can now see why any attempt to reinvent yourself overnight is destined to failure.

Most of what we become is a series of bad habits, which are built up over a period of years. Some of those habits will take the form of addictions. It is completely unrealistic to expect to be able to ditch all those habits and addictions in one go. Hence why our reinventions need to be looked at as a long-term project, broken down into manageable phases. A series of baby steps, which create new habits and give us the confidence to take on the bigger challenges of facing up to and addressing addictive habits.

With the right mindset, self-belief, support and tools, anything and everything is possible.

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