Whether it was down to my alcohol consumption or perimenopausal symptoms I will never know. The curse of flaky nails is not something I would wish on any woman. I have never been a lover of long, brightly painted talons; I can’t bear the yellowing stain it seems to render nails with. Or the thought that hideous untold numbers of bacteria are able to take up residence in the sheltered, darkened crevice between finger tip and nail bed, safe in the knowledge that any dirt they reside in is safely camouflaged by three coats of Pillar Box Red. Add to that the risk of fungal infections spread by salon manicure tools and top it off with the toxic chemicals transferred from nail polish to body. Yes, it’s natural all the way for me when it comes to nails!

That said, I am female and I do place a lot of value on a clean, well shaped, glossy nail with neat and tidy cuticles. So when I started to develop flaky nails an unhealthy obsession to cure myself of this nasty little ailment took hold.

No matter what I did, every day seemed to bring about another damaged nail as, in their weakened state, the slightest knock or snag would render another few layers of nail floating forlornly into the air or, worse still, perilously half attached and threatening to take more with it.

The winter months were always worse, so when it continued into the spring and summer I knew I really did have a major battle on my hands.

So I was overjoyed to come across Rimmel’s Nail Nurse. It’s pleasing pink colour and elegant branding sat well with its promise of being a fast track cure to weakened, particularly flaky, nails. I was sold.

Not one bottle, but three bottles later and not only were my nails no better, they were worse. A lot worse. Of course I blamed myself. I was forever questioning my diet, nutritional supplements or general skin and nailcare regime. Never once did I question that the Rimmel Nail Nurse was to blame.

Then one day, on a girlie trip to London with my daughter, a Russian salesman with a certain flare managed to sell me a new emery board. The sheen he created on my poor tired nails was all the sales pitch I needed. And I decided that the new board could replace the Nail Nurse for a while, as the flaking clearly couldn’t get any worse by this point.

In a matter of days I noticed my nails starting to strengthen. A few weeks in and they are now growing again. They glow in a way they haven’t for years and not one nail has a single hint of flakiness.

Once again it seems a so called ‘cure’ is actually manufactured to sustain the cause; the flaky nail was there before the Nail Nurse, yet the Nail Nurse works to maintain the flaky nails even though my body had healed itself. An formula guaranteed to sustain sales. Nice one Rimmel.

Right, I’m off to pamper my beautiful nails with a buff and a touch of organic cuticle oil.

With love.

Wendy x

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