DIET VERSUS LIFESTYLE – A Short-Term Gain versus Long-Term Win

This week has made me very mindful of how easy it is to take your eye off the ball and lose control of the game.  I’m talking about the ‘you are what you eat’ game.

The Huffington Post ran an article a few years back which stated that two thirds of Brits are on a diet at any one time.  I would imagine that claim still stands today.  As a nation with an ever-increasing trend toward obesity, not surprisingly we seem obsessed with losing weight.  And its big business; the diet industry here in the UK is worth an estimated £2 billion per annum.  So, with two thirds of us on diets that are costing us £2 billion a year, why oh why are current figures for obesity for adults sitting at 28.7% with a further 35.6% overweight. 

We are well on our way to two thirds of our society not just tipping the scales, but falling into the realms of the diseases that also come hand in hand with being overweight; heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.  Diabetes is an interesting one.  Type two diabetes, which is triggered by a long-term overconsumption of sugar, now affects one in 40 people, or 3.4 million, here in the UK.  A couple of decades back it was virtually unheard of.

So what is going wrong?  In the most part, I think it’s down to the simple concept that we believe we can go on a diet, lose a couple of stone and get back on with living our lives.  If only it were that simple.  The reality is, as soon as you get back on with living your life, you go back to the same bad habits you had beforehand and hey presto, the weight creeps back on and within a relatively short amount of time you’re back to where you started. 

And that’s why we need to replace the word diet, with lifestyle.  There is no quick fix that is going to reward you with a forever gain when it comes to diet.  The only solution is to lose weight through a process of sustainable small changes that help you to create a balanced way of living which encompasses what you eat and drink, regular exercise and, most importantly, a healthy and sustainable mindset toward food and wellbeing.  Quite simply, reinventing your lifestyle. 

If you’re frustrated with being eternally stuck on the yo-yo diet wheel, contact me today to find out more about the benefits of one-to-one coaching and personalised support plans for weight loss and lifestyle reinvention.


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