I’m still in the “oh, isn’t this fun” stage of thrifting at the moment.  The reality of a year without adding cheeky little purchases to my already well stocked wardrobe(s) hasn’t quite hit yet. 

And really, what is there to stress about right now?  We’re in the throes of another lockdown, so most of us are living in leggings and sweatshirts.  It’s pouring with rain, again.  And it’s January; the one month of the year when I will do almost anything to avoid going outside.  I could quite happily spend every day in my pyjamas and it wouldn’t make a jot of difference to anyone else.  Although I’m not quite brave enough to walk the dogs along the beach while dressed in pyjamas and slippers.  Standards, darling.  Standards.  So that renders 99.9% of my wardrobe irrelevant right now.  And possibly for a good few months yet.

I’ve found myself considering what I will do with the clothes that just don’t get to make an appearance over the next 52 weeks.  Can I really justify hanging on to something that hasn’t been worn once in an entire year?  Moreso, a year where no new outfits have been purchased to steal the limelight. 

I day dream of having a capsule wardrobe.  I currently have somewhere in the region of 30 capsule wardrobes, so you’ll get a flavour for how far away I currently sit from this concept.  I’ve always shopped with a “just in case” attitude.  Buying enough white tops to get me through a week’s holiday, same for socks and underwear.  Shoes to cover every occasion and my obsession with jeans accounts for the entire contents of my biggest drawer.  Just in case, you know.  No, I don’t know either. 

What would it really take to get me from where I am now to be the kind of person who runs a genuine capsule wardrobe?  The kind of person who could pack all their clothes for a week away – how amazing would that be?  Absolutely no pre-holiday what to pack dilemmas there.  I’d always be lastminute.com ready. 

It would appear I’m not the only person thinking along these lines.  COVID seems to have triggered something which is making many of us question our wardrobe habits.  Grazia, the UK bi-weekly fashion magazine, has run an 8-page spread this week on how to “Rent, Re-Sale and Rethink” your wardrobe.  With a focus on environmentalism, Sophie Henderson has edited a wonderfully thought-provoking piece with an array of sustainable and small independent brands, clothes renting, second-hand shopping and selling on.  It really is incredibly encouraging to see powerful voices like Grazia getting behind this movement.  It’s somewhat sad that it’s taken a pandemic to address the senseless surplus created by an ever-hungry fashion industry, but hey, progress is progress, whatever it’s being fuelled by.

With love.

Wendy x


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