Whenever my daughter and I take a trip up to London, she always asks if we can go to Pret a Manger so she can grab one of their Acai Breakfast Bowls.  We don’t have anything vaguely similar in our home town so it’s a proper treat for her, and I don’t complain as I … Continue reading SUPERFOOD ACAI BOWL

Cutting Cocoa & Carob Bites

After almost nearly three months of lockdown I felt I had used the time to my advantage, spending a lot of time reading, studying, walking and pottering in the garden.  I even managed to complete an online course in Therapeutic Art – more on that later.  However, as with all positives, there is usually a … Continue reading Cutting Cocoa & Carob Bites


This is my go to cake if I want an indulgent, yet guilt-free, treat.  This unique cake ticks so many boxes for me; it is both egg and dairy free and has the added bonus of being both fat and refined sugar free.  However, the natural sugars provided by both the dates and dried fruits … Continue reading MOLLY CAKE