IMG_7820Today has been one of those interesting winter days where no matter how hard it tries, it just never seems to get light.  It is also bitterly cold.  Lamps have been left on all day, as has the heating and thoughts of pottering around the garden seem like a distant dream.

So it was rather lovely to have the distraction of a trip to the Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust to look forward to.  I found myself there with a completely different hat on; a quest to unearth some of Frinton’s Summer Theatre history.  However, whist chatting to one of the Trust’s archivists, Liz, I had the most wonderful surprise.  Having not met Liz before, one thing becomes instantly apparent; there isn’t much this lady doesn’t know about Frinton-on-Sea and it’s history.  As soon as Liz became aware of exactly where in the town I lived, she gleefully told me that the trust is the proud owner of the original plans for the Percy Cane garden we have inherited!

Suddenly this dull and dreary winter’s day had been turned into a joyous celebration.  My husband and I have often wondered what happened to Percy’s original plans, drawn up in 1935.  We considered ourselves lucky to even have a rather poor photocopy of them.  So to find out they are literally just up the road from us is fabulous news.  Liz has kindly promised to show us them in the New Year.  It would be wonderful if we were able to a high quality copy, which could be framed and hung on one of our walls overlooking the garden.

By the time you read this I am hoping we will have our first glimpse of the snowdrops we planted in the autumn.  For me they are always the turning point, hinting at longer days to come and new beginnings.  It seems particularly poignant right now, living in a world where we are surrounded by so much change and unpredictability, that mother nature at least can be relied on to provide us with some certainty and routine.

Wishing you a very prosperous and happy 2019.