Having seen a couple of people recommend it, I decided to bag myself a copy of Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar.  If the concept of reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet is totally new to you then you would definitely learn a lot from this book.  If you are interested in making some positive … Continue reading MEAL-IN-A-BISCUIT CRACKERS


We are all guilty of this, I see it every single day; being convinced that we can reinvent ourselves and become slimmer/fitter/happier/healthier/more successful (delete as appropriate) overnight. And wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could?! But it isn’t that simple and that quick fix mindset is exactly what sets us up to fail. How do … Continue reading SMALL STEPS TOWARDS BIG CHANGE


On New Year’s Eve 2018 I drank my very last glass of prosecco.  Last glass, EVER.  Of anything even remotely alcoholic. This was a momentous event which I had mentally been building up to for a few months beforehand, prior to that I had been dreaming about it for even longer!  I can’t tell you … Continue reading BYE BYE, BUBBLES